Debian Med Project
Help us to see Debian used by medical practicioners and researchers! Join us on the Alioth page.
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The Debian Med project presents packages that are associated with
  • medicine
  • pre-clinical research
  • life science.
Its developments are mostly focused on three areas for the moment:
  • medical practice
  • imaging
  • bioinformatics
and can be installed directly from every Debian installation.

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  • use AJAX to make the commit feed "live";
  • add Packages information:
    • upload status;
    • buildd status;
  • use a general backend for retrieving information (i.e. do not put retrieving code directly into index.php);
  • sync projects missing in Debian from MedFLOSS with our tasks list
  • localization support:
    • automatize .po generation (and compilation);
  • make this TO-DO list dynamic;
  • add parsing scripts under SVN control;
  • add a "BuildD page" parsing;

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